Activate web hosting with the free WordPress micro hosting

Each domain comes with a WordPress package that can be activated free of charge via your control panel.

How to activate your WordPress micro hosting

1. Log in to your user account and click on the domain for which you want to activate WordPress Micro Hosting.

2. Click on the WEB-HOSTING icon.

3. Scroll down to Micro Hosting and click on the ACTIVATE button

4. Follow the instructions, check the box to accept the SO and T&Cs and click CONTINUE.

Your free WordPress is now live!

5. Once you have clicked Continue, you will be taken directly to the management section of your WordPress Micro Hosting.

You can manage your hosting product in your customer area by clicking on Free web Hosting in the menu on the right under the WordPress & Web Hosting category.

WordPress Micro Hosting, which is included in your domain registration, contains AI Site Assistant, a tool that allows you to create a website with just a few clicks using AI.

For newly registered domains, AI Site Assistant is activated at the same time as activating WordPress Micro Hosting by following the steps above.

How to deactivate your AI Site Assistant

If you wish, you can deactivate it in the hosting administration area by following the steps below:

Click on Administration next to the domain for which you want to disable the service

Click Uninstall AI Site Assistant