Limits on e-mail traffic

Unlimited sending of e-mails via webmail

If you use Swizzonic Webmail, you can send unlimited e-mails.

By using webmail, you can send an unlimited number of e-mails. However, in the interests of customer satisfaction, sending is limited to 500 emails per day when using a mail client.

Why are 500 SMTP mailings per day included in the personal e-mail solution?

Almost all service providers do not offer free client mailings: that is, the ability to send free emails from email programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Many telephone companies do not provide this service for free; at best, the servers for outgoing messages continue to run on the domains you maintain. This behavior has a strong impact on many users.

For this reason, Swizzonic has decided to offer all its customers 500 mails per day on the emails contained in the domain. This number was chosen after a careful analysis by our email team, who studied the average number of emails sent daily by users for personal use.

Remember that there are no restrictions on sending emails from WebMail. So if you run out of daily emails on the client, you can always send as many messages as you like via webmail. It could also be an opportunity to take advantage of Swizzonic’s powerful webmail.