Connect domain with WIX

Connecting a domain to your own domain is a premium function with WIX and requires the corresponding WIX subscription. Connecting the free WIX Website Builder is not permitted with this provider.

The domain at Swizzonic can be connected to the WIX Website Builder with just a few clicks. It is not necessary to transfer the DOMAIN to WIX. The following two options are available to you:

Swizzonic Nameserver – How do I connect my domain to WIX?

You can find instructions on how to add the domain to WIX under the following link

If you use the Swizzonic name servers, you can store the records provided by WIX in the DNS zone directly in your user account

WIX name server – How do I connect my domain to WIX?

If you do not intend to use our hosting products, you can also use the WIX name servers for your domain.

Please follow the instructions from Support WIX

Changing the DNS or the configuration of DNS zones can lead to serious disruptions in all services of the domain and in some cases also to the cancellation of products.

So make sure you make the right changes or contact a trusted technician who can give you the best possible guidance.