Prepaid credit and renewals

The prepaid credit is a payment method which is available to you for subscribing to products and domains and renewing them.

The credit can be used for the purchase of domains or products, for the manual renewal of domains and services or for the automatic renew al of domains and services.

If you have activated automatic renewal, you no longer need to renew your products manually. The renewal fees will be automatically deducted from your credit balance.

No invoice is issued for the purchase of prepaid credit. The credit will only be available in your Control Panel.

The invoice will only be issued when you purchase/renew the selected product.

How can I buy prepaid credit?

  1. To top up your credit, go to
  2. Select the desired amount and quantity and click on Confirm.
  3. You will be redirected to the payment page where you can use your credit card.
  4. If you prefer, you can make a bank transfer to the following address:

Swizzonic Ltd
IBAN CH51 0020 6206 4391 8203 Z
Intended purpose: «Prepaid credit top-up (enter billing ID)»

How can I pay a bill with my prepaid credit?

You can see your current credit balance in the Control Panel.

When paying, select your prepaid credit as the payment method. No further payment actions are required from you. The credit will be automatically deducted from your available prepaid credit.

Can I use prepaid credit for automatic renewals?

You can use your credit for an automatic renewal.

In the Control Panel under Account, Bills and Payments, you will find the Prepaid Credit payment method in the Automatic renewals section.

If you opt for prepaid credit, the invoice will be paid with the available credit approximately 20 days before the subscription expires. In this way, you still have enough time to pay the bill via bank order or credit card if you do not have enough prepaid credit and therefore do not risk any reactivation fees or loss of data.