Set up redirection

Please note that forwarding can only be set up at Swizzonic if you have stored our name servers for your domain. If the external name servers are to be stored, the forwarding must also be set up there.

How can I set up redirection?

To configure forwarding, you must first activate SWIZZfree hosting or paid hosting:

  • If you have already purchased paid hosting and have not yet set it up, you must connect / link the hosting to a domain.
  • To activate SWIZZfree hosting, please follow these instructions.

Log in to your cPanel dashboard and select the Redirects link.

On the next page, select the type of redirect you want to apply, enter the destination URL and click Add. Your redirect is now set up and working.

The redirect consists of redirecting the page of domain A to the page of domain B.

If you want to activate mirror hosting instead, you need to act in the Aliases section of cPanel.