.swiss domain registration

.swiss: Information for a successful registration

OFCOM is the registry for the new .swiss domain extension. The registration of a dot.swiss DOMAIN differs fundamentally from the registration of previously known DOMAINs.

As the .swiss top-level domain is a gTLD, it is also subject to the registry authority ICANN. This obliges us as registrars to send a number of e-mails. This also includes the «Verification of Contact Information».

The main differences in the allocation process are

  • No direct registration possible! Only registration applications can be submitted. The duration of the registration process from application to allocation will take around 30 days.
  • Each application will be checked by OFCOM according to its allocation criteria.
  • There is no first-come-first-served principle, i.e. it is not relevant who submits the application first. Each application is put out to tender by OFCOM for 20 days. During this period, other applicants can apply for the DOMAIN. The DOMAIN will only be allocated at the end of this period.
  • The DOMAIN may consist of 3 to 63 characters.
  • There is a special procedure for generic terms (e.g. hotel, cab, lawyer), the name allocation procedure. The decision as to whether a term is classified as generic is made by OFCOM. For this reason, a registration application must first be submitted for these terms too. Please refer to the specific registration process for generic .swiss DOMAINs.

The following applicants are entitled to submit an application:

  • Public bodies. These are the federal government, the cantons, the municipalities and other organizations under public law such as foundations and associations.
  • Persons entered in the commercial register (HR) who have a registered office and a physical administrative headquarters in Switzerland. These are legal entities such as companies and registered associations and foundations, but also registered sole proprietorships.
  • Associations and foundations without an entry in the commercial register that have their registered office and a physical administrative headquarters in Switzerland;
  • from April 24, 2024, 2 p.m. CEST, natural persons domiciled in Switzerland and Swiss nationals.

Branches of foreign companies are not eligible.

Applications for registration can only be submitted for terms that fall into one of the following categories

  • Designations associated with public law organizations and their activities.
  • Trademarks protected in Switzerland
  • Names of associations and foundations
  • Company names registered in the Swiss commercial register
  • Geographical designations
  • Terms for which the connection to the applicant or to the intended use must be recognizable

There must be an objective connection between the domain name and the applicant.

Information required from the customer for a registration application

  • Desired DOMAIN
  • Swizzonic user ID (Swiss residential address mandatory)
  • Company identification number UID (these are known to companies. Associations/foundations, units of a public administration or others canapply for this from the FSO).
  • Name server for activating the DOMAIN

Overview of the registration process

  1. Registration request from authorized applicant
  2. You will then receive an e-mail from our partner ASCIO in which you must confirm the application.
  3. Preliminary review by OFCOM – if the term is generic, the name assignment procedure is initiated
  4. OFCOM announces the domain for 20 days. During this period, competing applications can be submitted for the published applications.
  5. Once the deadline has expired, OFCOM will allocate the domain. If there are competing applications, OFCOM will initiate an adjustment procedure.
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The current status of your application can be checked directly with OFCOM.

If no results are found, please check whether the verification e-mail from ASCIO has been confirmed by you.


All costs for registration, renewal and transfer can be found in the URL price list on our website.

.swiss – Registration for natural persons

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The .swiss domain is exclusively available to the Swiss community. Therefore, foreign nationals who are not resident in Switzerland cannot apply for .swiss domain names.

Natural persons can only register domain names ending in .swiss that contain at least one of the following designations:

  • their own official surname or another surname registered with the civil registry office, first name, alliance name, joint name in the case of a registered partnership, the name acquired in connection with a religious order
  • the stage name under which they have become known
  • a designation to which they are entitled under trademark law (e.g. a registered trademark).

These mandatory elements can be combined with freely selectable designations.

Domain names that correspond to or are similar to designations of a generic nature (e.g. Barber, Marchand, Metzger) may not be assigned to natural persons. Such names will only be assigned to a natural person if they are supplemented by a further designation – for example, a first name, an imaginary name or the indication of a hobby.

Swiss nationals residing abroad may only use .swiss domain names for private or charitable purposes or for the purposes of associations, but not for commercial activities from abroad.

The AHV number and the address of the applicant must be stated in the registration application for the domain name