Migration from external to our WEB hosting

Step 1 – Prepare data

  • Log in to the hosting of your current provider. Download all data and databases relating to your website and save them locally.

Step 2 – Prepare WEB hosting

Step 3 – Import data

  1. Create an FTP user in the WEB Hosting dashboard. You can find detailed instructions here.
  1. Upload your data to the www. directory via the file manager in the WEB Hosting dashboard or an FTP client of your choice.
  1. If you need a database, you must first create one. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Step 4 – Set up DNS zone

  • When using the Swizzonic:

    Navigate to the DNS configuration in the Control Panel:

    Control Panel > domain.tld > DOMAIN AND DNS > DNS Configuration > Advanced

    Add the two A-Records that you can take from the WEB Hosting dashboard.
  • When using external name servers:

    Enter the two A-Records, which you can find in your WEB Hosting dashboard overview, in the DNS zone of your current DNS provider.