What is AI Site Assistant and how do I activate it?

AI Site Assistant is a new, exclusive tool from Swizzonic that uses artificial intelligence to help you create a WordPress site in just minutes, with no coding or design skills required.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. However, creating and managing a WordPress site can be difficult for those without technical knowledge and very time-consuming for those who do have technical knowledge. However, with AI Site Assistant, using WordPress has never been easier or faster.

Nowadays, the use of artificial intelligence has really simplified the process of creating a website: from designing the website to elaborating the page content and actually publishing it online, creating a website with AI Site Assistant has become really easy, fast and accessible for everyone.

How AI Site Assistant works

AI Site Assistant is a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to help you create a website in minutes: You just need to provide some information about the type of website you want to create and the content you want to include, and AI Site Assistant will create your website in no time.

AI Site Assistant is able to write all types of text and create content directly on the pages of your website created on WordPress. All you have to do is tell AI Site Assistant what you want to write and the texts will be created automatically thanks to generative AI.

You ask and AI Site Assistant writes for you!

How do I get AI Site Assistant?

AI Site Assistant is includedfree of charge with all domains registered and managed with Swizzonic and in all active WordPress hosting, web hosting and SWIZZ hosting packages.

The activation of AI Site Assistant varies depending on the solution chosen and whether or not there is already an active WordPress installation on the domain.

How to activate AI Site Assistant, which is included in domain registration (web hosting)

If you have registered a domain with Swizzonic, you can start using AI Site Assistant immediately by following the instructions on the page for activating the AI Site Assistant included in the domain.

How to activate AI Site Assistant, which is included in hosting packages

If you have purchased a hosting package from Swizzonic, you can activate AI Site Assistant by following the procedures on the AI Site Assistant activation page included in the various hosting packages.