Why have I received a Whois Data Reminder (WDRP) – what do I have to do?

A registrar of gTLDs, such as Swizzonic, are under the control of the regulating authority ICANN. The ICANN commit the registrars to send certain emails, including the Whois Data Reminder.

What is the “Whois Data Reminder (WDRP)” what do I need to do?

  • It gives you the opportunity to control the published registrant data
    Please check the listed address entries under “registrant” and see whether they’re up to date
    It is correct that Swizzonic is listed as the administrative and technical contact:  Why won’t I show up as a technical administrator.
  • You only need to act if the data is not correct anymore
    If all entries are correct, you can ignore the mail. If the data is no longer up to date, please change the holder in your user account.
  • It is sent yearly 

Why won’t I show up as a technical administrator.

WHOIS is a protocol that can be used to query public information on DOMAINS, IP addresses and their owners. Depending on the DOMAIN extension as well as the «registry» and its legal basis, slightly more or less data is published publicly. Due to these differences, the WHOIS queries vary.

As far as data protection is concerned, Swizzonic has two customer segments with different needs. On the one hand, those who want to have as little of their data as possible published on the Internet, and on the other hand (mainly companies) who would like to use the WHOIS for marketing purposes and would like to see their address published there.

Swizzonic currently uses the high data protection option. Only the mandatory data of the owner is sent to the registry. If a registry requests data on the technical administrator or the billing address, Swizzonic sends the Swizzonic address by default.

However, this data will still be disclosed in response to legitimate requests to the registry – our Domain PRIVACY product continues to protect you against this.