Problems with registration

Who can I contact if I have a dispute about DOMAINs?

Please note that registrars such as Swizzonic are not the right address for settling and resolving disputes regarding DOMAINs. Registrars offer the possibility of registering domains and carry out this technically. However, the actual registration is carried out by persons and companies who are then also legally responsible for the DOMAINs.

We generally recommend that you clarify any disputes regarding DOMAINs and the content that can be found there directly with the holder of the DOMAIN/s concerned. You can find out the holder of a DOMAIN for most domain extensions by querying the Whois database, a publicly accessible database of domain name holders and administrators. Such a query is possible, for example, at

If no agreement can be reached, it is possible to commission a specialized arbitration body for DOMAINs to settle the dispute, whereby there are various arbitration procedures and bodies. The most important are

You also have the option of settling disputes through the courts. However, recourse to a dispute resolution body is often the quicker and more cost-effective option, especially for foreign domain holders.

Delay / error message when activating the domain

Have you just registered or transferred your domain?

All of these domain name processes require changes at the DNS level; it can take up to 48 hours for these changes to be fully propagated.

If you registered the domain just a few hours ago, you may receive an error message when you try to visit the linked website, connect to your FTP or query your email accounts associated with the domain.

If you have transferred your domain from another provider, you may still see your previous website or the receipt of emails may be slowed down.

Some users may already see your website correctly, while others who have other connections may experience delays up to the maximum of 24/48 hours.

If you are not sure whether your registration or transfer was successful, try an online WHOIS query. Go to this page WHOIS and get details about your domain!