To cancel a product and/or domain, you can deactivate automatic renewal directly in your account. In this way, the product and/or domain will be canceled at the end of the subscription.

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The renewal mode must be changed up to 60 days before the expiration date of the domain/product.

Otherwise, invoices already issued will not be canceled until one day after the subscription expires. Any reminder runs are automated processes and cannot be stopped. You can ignore any payment reminders or contact us to cancel manually.

How do I cancel my domain/product?

In your customer area, please click on the Account, Invoices and Payments link at the top right. (Find out how to access your personal customer area here)

Click on the Automatic renewals link in the Payments and renewals section to access the Automatic renewals and payments page.

On the Renewals and automatic payments page, check the «manual» or «automatic» setting for the various products.

Selectthe products for which automatic renewal is active and for which you want to activate manual renewal and then click the Next button.

Select the Manual renewal option for each individual product or, alternatively, click on the Manual all button to apply the change to all of them and then click on the Next button.

Confirm the change in the overview window by clicking the Next button again.